Andrew Brundu Total Car Care

Can you service a new car with a warranty?
Yes, a new car with a standard 3 year statutory warranty can be serviced by a licensed mechanic without breaking the warranty. But, if you have purchased an extended warranty from your dealer, you will need to check the fine print to see if part of the warranty is it can only be serviced by the dealer.

Do you have the right equipment to work on my car?
We have all the latest scanners and diagnostic equipment to either service your vehicle or diagnostic fault finding. This diagnostic equipment also able to fault find AIRBAG, ABS and TRANSMISSION faults.

Why is there such a difference between your price and the dealers price?
The dealer has higher overheads than that of smaller workshops, so consequently they must charge more.

What kind of cars do you fix?
We repair all vehicles (except trucks – no space) we specialize in all late model European vehicles.

I need rego and pink/green slips done, can you do them?>We are RTA accredited to do your E Safety inspection, unregistered vehicle inspections and green slips.

What do I do if my car breaks down?
Andrew can be contacted 24 hours a day on 0434 900 243.

Can you give me advice on a new car?
Andrew, having over 30 years in the industry, is happy to discuss pro’s and con’s of most vehicles.

I’ve just had an accident, what do I do?
Always get the other drivers license and insurance details, no matter what the damage or the other person says. Always make a police report.

How much do you charge?
There is no way we can give an accurate price until I see your car, we are happy to give you an estimate over the phone or if you bring your car in we will give you a full quote.

Can I wait while you fix my car?
This really depends on the job, but there is a café across the road and Oxford Street is 5 minutes walk up Boundary Street.